INITIAL-FOUNDATION funds Stem Cell R&D through the profits of all INITIAL-CORP units.


INITIAL-FOUNDATION is the fuel for the development of a technology that is most likely to revolutionize modern medicine.



Our mission is to make Stem Cells a mainstream product in less than a decade.



We foresee a world that is disease-free and where aging isn’t synonym of health problems.

Our current stem cells extends lifespan by 15%.


INITIAL-FOUNDATION is always looking for more empathetic people. Join our team and make a difference in millions of people’s life.


You want to be part of making the world better? Become one of our ethical fundraiser and make a difference!

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You thrive to enhance the quality of life of people? Be part of the change with INITIAL-FOUNDATION

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Our top scientists estimate that a final product will be delivered in less than 10 years


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